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Power comes in many forms. It’s why here at Scania, we are fully committed to driving the shift to sustainable fuels. Better yet, making the change is easier than you might think. Through our expert advice and guidance, we can help you choose the right renewable fuel for your operation. Not just for now, but for the whole lifetime of the truck.


Battery Electric Vehicle

Battery Electric Vehicles – or BEV – are a popular renewable source of power with a range of up to 250km. Ideal for rigid trucks travelling on short and medium-range journeys, Scania BEV trucks provide 100% emission-free driving 100% of the time.


The Scania all-electric truck has two output options to choose from. 165kWh or 300kWh, with the ability to power refrigeration and hydraulics. The Scania BEV series are Quiet-Truck/PIEK-Light certified too, providing the potential to extend night-time deliveries in areas with noise restrictions.

Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles – or PHEV – is a flexible fuel solution that can adapt to its environment and offers the best of both worlds. Run 100% emission free in urban areas where there are restrictions and then simply switch to the traditional engine when you need to go the distance.


Commercial electric operation is complex. For this reason every electric vehicle sale is packaged as a tailored turnkey solution, covering services, long-term guidance and advice, as well as charging and energy contract aspects. Naturally adapted fully to your needs and requirements – and varied in scale accordingly.


Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil

When it comes to sustainable fuel choices, the switch to HVO is perhaps the easiest green fuel move that you can make. HVO is derived from animal fats and/or vegetable oils (e.g. palm, rapeseed, used cooking oil), making it fossil-free and able to deliver a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to standard mineral-based diesel.


When refined to the agreed EN15940 standard, HVO has an almost neutral effect on fuel consumption, but offers an improvement in particulate emissions levels. Chemically, HVO is similar to Diesel, so gives good cold weather performance, and can even be blended with Diesel if desired.


What’s even more impressive is that HVO can be used in any Euro 6 Scania diesel engine without making adaptations. Simply store in bulk tanks at your depot.

Fatty Acid Methyl Ester

FAME is a biodiesel with similar physical properties to conventional (mineral-derived) diesel. It is derived from animal fats and/or vegetable oils (e.g. palm, rapeseed, used cooking oil), making it fossil-free and therefore able to reduce CO2 emissions by 66%.


FAME-Biodiesel is widely available, both pure and in various blends. In fact, the standard diesel sold in the UK and EU (BS EN 590 – Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel) has contained 7% biodiesel since 2011. Biodiesel refined to BS EN 14214 can be blended with mineral-based diesel, and B20 (20% FAME-biodiesel) is increasingly common in the UK.


Scania Euro 6 vehicles can be run on FAME-biodiesel meeting the BS EN 14214 standard, but to run on any blend containing more than 10% biodiesel (B10-B100), adaptions must be made to the engine’s fuel system and a more frequent service interval schedule adopted.


Liquid Natural Gas

There are many advantages to using natural gases, such as Liquid Natural Gas or LNG. It is a non-toxic, non-corrosive fuel source enabling you to both cut emissions and reduce fuel costs.


LNG is a liquefied, low-temperature biogas that is appearing at fuel stations across the country. Research shows that, due to LNG’s narrower range of flammability and combustion, it’s safer in use than diesel.

Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed Natural Gas, known as CNG, is a cheaper biogas than LNG while cutting those all-important emissions. In a similar situation to LNG, the fuel station network for CNG is growing; however, unlike its biogas counterpart you can save on average 30-40% at the pump. This results in a nearly 20% reduction in the cost of ownership without compromising on performance.

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