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Battery electric truck

The battery electric truck (Battery Electric Vehicle - BEV) enables 1000% emission-free operation, 100% of the time. Increasingly required to secure certain contracts, BEVs also future-proof your fleet as a growing number of cities adopt ultra-low emission zones. Owing to their quiet noise levels, zero-emission trucks can operate in a longer time-window, enabling goods delivery, waste removal, building construction, and infrastructure maintenance to take place outside of rush-hour, for a faster and more efficient logistics operation.

BEV specifications


· 4x2, 6x2, 6x2*4



· 3950 – 5750 mm


· P, L


Permanent magnet electric machine with oil spray cooling:


· 295 kW 2,200 Nm (peak)
· 230 kW 1,300 Nm (continuous)
· 60 kW electric Power Take-off

· 9 Lithium Ion batteries, available for all axle distances over 4350 mm:
297 kWh (Installed)


· 5 Lithium Ion batteries, available for all axle distances over 3950 mm:
165 kWh (Installed)


· CCS type 2 plug-in connection up to 130 kW / 200A DC charging


· Max 29 t

Why should you choose a BEV?

100% Emission-free operations

Short and medium range routes

Optimised total operating economy

New contract opportunities for zero-emission vehicles

Every electric vehicle is sold as a turnkey solution, including a wide range of services including charging, repair & maintenance and tailored services. 

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