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No compromises

The new Scania P-series CrewCab is full of new features specifically tailored for emergency assignments, keeping both ergonomics and safety in mind, and without any compromises on quality. Among the new additions are the Scania City Safe Window and a separate climate system for the crew area.

“As is appropriate for a vehicle intended for use by emergency services, the safety and well-being of crew members was a primary aspect in the development of the new Scania CrewCab.”

Louise Johansson

Product Manager Scania

Safety above all

We equip our trucks with class-leading safety systems. We also run training courses to ensure that drivers work as safely as possible.

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Built for productivity

At Scania, we’re focused on your business. It’s all about improving productivity, reducing the time needed to perform the task at hand. Sharing the same goal – that your business should be as profitable as possible.

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Minimal environmental impact

We are proud to offer the widest range of solutions for alternative fuels in the industry, enabling you to handle both CO2 and particle regulations.

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Make it your own

With a wealth of choices and an array of modular configurations, the possibilities are endless. Make it a good experience. Make it a Scania.


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