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Fire engines

For fire and rescue operations

A cab for crew and gear

While some prefer to have their truck to themselves, other operations require a bigger crew on board. The new Scania CrewCab for fire and rescue operations is built with an extra margin of safety in fully galvanised steel, with enough space on board for your crew and all their gear.


Maximise time on the road

Safety and security

Avoid accidents and prevent injuries

Environmental performance

Environmental awareness is increasing


Having a trustworthy vehicle when carrying out emergency services is vital. Scania’s new CrewCab fire engine is a result of many years of developing high quality and reliable trucks. This, together with our flexible maintenance plans that ensures that every single truck gets exactly the right maintenance at exactly the right time, you reduce your unplanned downtime.

Safety and security

Emergency services and fire brigades need to carry both personnel and equipment rapidly and safely. The safety and well-being of crew members was a primary aspect in the development of the new Scania CrewCab fire truck. The whole crew is protected by four rollover side-curtain airbag. And with the introduction of the City Safe Window, drivers will have better opportunities to detect nearby pedestrians and cyclists.

Environmental performance

Environmental awareness is increasing throughout the world. Cities are focusing on environmental issues, with stringent demands being introduced regarding CO2, particle and noise emissions and also increasingly demand of the use of renewable fuels, hybrids, or electric solutions. The Scania CrewCab is developed in the same way as all Scania trucks - to be as envrironmentally sustaimable as possible.

Fire trucks for the only business that matters. Yours.

Like our firefighting customers, we leave nothing to chance. Not a single stone has been left unturned in the engineering of this new generation fire engine. The result is a range more powerful and reliable than ever before.


The new Scania P-series CrewCab is full of new features specifically tailored for emergency assignments, keeping both ergonomics and safety in mind, and without any compromises on quality. 

P-series CrewCab trucks

Where can I buy a Scania fire engine?

We sell specialist P-series crew cabs built for fire and rescue operations which can be precisely designed to your individual requirements. Contact us now  to find out more about our emergency vehicles.

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