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Narrow margins call for a tailored solution

Combine the strength of technical specifications with the smartness of optimised services in order to secure uptime, boost productivity, and conquer the narrow margins that defines the industry of construction.

The tailored offer

The construction industry is anything but standard and the same should apply for your truck. That is why we always tailor solutions to fit the unique business of our customer, including both vehicle and services. Simplified, the tailored offer for construction trucks is based on five parameters enabling us to define your needs and meet them. Besides your choice of application, the parameters are; industry, business, operation and location.


Naturally, working with demolition and excavation differs from laying a foundation, building a structure or finishing a project. That is why your place in the construction phase have an impact on the optimisation of your vehicle.


Defining how your trucks are used, and what your typical contract looks like help us understand your business and tailor a solution that will boost your productivity.


Whether you are managing poor road conditions and manoeuvring close quarters in urban surroundings, your vehicle should be optimised to do it in the best possible way.


With the distance to your closest workshop having an impact on your uptime, mapping out your operation radius in relation to it gives us valuable information on how we can meet your repair and maintenance needs.

Bodybuilder cooperation in construction

At Scania, we keep a close relationship to the bodybuilder in order to tailor as precise and profitable vehicle solutions as possible. In addition all our chassis come prepared with pre-drilled mounting holes or pre-punched upper members, sub-frame brackets, rear end cut to fit, and body electrics and electrical cables, to mention just a few details.

Scania truck bodybuilder

Keeping your priorities straight

While the nature of your operation always will affect your priorities, your industry have some focus areas in common.


For some it means carrying a heavier load, for others it is making that extra delivery. Regardless of how you define productivity, we can tailor a solution to boost yours.


With robust and high quality vehicles, together with a series of workshop services we can offer a solution that secures and improves your uptime.


We have made it our business to understand yours. That is why we have developed a series of solutions in terms of financing and insurance to meet your individual needs.

Tailored for tough conditions

Where can I buy construction trucks?

You can buy construction trucks from Scania. Configure your own construction truck on our website with an R, P or G cab, all available with the Scania XT package, then submit a quote request.

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