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While your days at the airport may vary, there are some variables they have in common. The need for environmental performance and flexibility as well as a tight schedule. Luckily, being flexible is kind of our thing at Scania. With our modular system being one of our greatest assets, we are able to tailor solutions to fit almost any operation. Yours included.


Maximise time on the road


Total vehicle efficiency


Avoid accidents and prevent injuries


Speed, efficiency and accuracy are important in airport support services and timely delivery is essential. There is no room for unexpected vehicle downtime and delays are often punished with steep penalties. Many contracts also require high flexibility, where assignments must be carried out on short notice. This requires high vehicle uptime and forward-planning of maintenance and repairs.


Once an aircraft arrives at the gate, it is swarmed by a range of specialised vehicles. High productivity and efficiency is important for a smooth operation. Payload capacity, acceleration speed, right PTO-options and easy handling around aircraft, with good visibility and tight steering, are some of the factors important for high productivity.

Safety & Security

Avoiding accidents and incidents is clearly a top priority for all airports around the world, which means that support vehicles need to be safe and ergonomic to use. Safety systems within airports and vehicles are continuously being developed to further increase safety.

Airport trucks for the only business that matters. Yours.

Minimising your emissions, offering sustainable transport solutions would give you a natural advantage towards your competition. With news such as the 9- and 13-litre gas engines and the widest range of alternative fuels in the industry, choosing Scania as your business partner would give you that advantage.


Just as your business is unique, so too is the city you operate in. Urban driving involves many starts and stops, frequent climbing in and out of the cab, and the constant need to keep track of other vehicles and pedestrians around the truck while driving. 

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With a wealth of choises and an array of modular configurations, you can tailor your truck to fit your trucking life. Make it Scania.

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