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The making of a fuel-efficiency


Great fuel efficiency is key to both a good operating economy and low environmental impact. But building a truly fuel-efficient truck isn't an easy task - a lot of work goes into building a champion.

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The most fuel-efficient truck on the road

The next generation Scania has beaten the competition in fuel tests around the world.

Since the launch of our 6% more fuel-efficient next generation Scania, it's not only received the Green Truck Award but it's excelled in the renowned pan-European 1,000 point test. 

6% might sound like a small number...

But it carries big savings

Since the launch of our 6% more fuel efficient next generation Scania, not only has it won the “Green Truck Award”, but it's also beaten the competition in fuel tests. 


We've spent thousands of hours researching, engineering and testing to create a truck that delivers uncompromising Scania quality - while at the same time reducing the thing you like the least, your fuel bill. 


But building a truly fuel-efficient truck isn’t an easy task – a lot of work goes into creating a champion. And it all starts with having the right configuration for where and how it’s driven. 

The engine

We have optimised every part and component to give you a 3% more efficient engine overall, without sacrificing performance or reliability.

The cab

The new generation cab is aerodynamically improved to save another 2% on the fuel bill. This is achieved by optimizing how the air flows around both cab and trailer – and even under the truck.

The smartness

With intelligent systems like Active Prediction and Pulse and Glide in combination with our Opticruise gearbox those 6% of fuel savings can be significantly increased.

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