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Oil is one of the most important components in your vehicles. But depending on where you operate, oil quality may vary considerably. That’s why we’ve devoted 20 years of testing and development to Scania Oil.

better protection and fewer oil changes

With Scania Oil, we can guarantee the quality of your oil throughout your vehicle’s life cycle – preventing wear and promoting longevity, and saving you money in the long run. We already fill every new engine at the factory with Scania Oil. Now it’s part of our service to you whenever you maintain your vehicle at a Scania workshop. 

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association ( recommends top-level ACEA E9 oil for highly rated diesel engines meeting Euro 1 through Euro 6 emission requirements and running under severe conditions. It is suitable for engines with or without particulate filters, and for most EGR engines fitted with SCR NOx reduction systems. 

A 5 litre can of Scania LDF3 oil
We field-tested many ACEA E9 oils and created an even higher standard for Scania Oil, the Long Drain Field test standard, or LDF.

Long drain means that we test the oils and engines for double our recommended mileages. For example, an ordinary long haulage truck would normally call for an oil change every 60,000 km. So we tested oils for 155,000 km in long haulage before draining it and examining the engine parts.

Scania Oil for engines

Scania Oil, E7, Engine 15W-40
Scania Oil, LDF-3, Engine 10W-40
Scania Oil, LDF-3 FS, Engine 5W-20
Scania Oil, LDF-4
Scania Oil, Low Ash, Engine 10W-40
Scania Oil, Engine BEO-2

Scania Oil LDF-4

Scania LDF-4 uses the latest available high-performance engine oil technologies focusing on optimizing performance on latest technology engines. LDF-4 has the same change interval and the same oil consumption as LDF-3 10W-40 – but it reduces fuel consumption by an additional 0.5%.

It roughly doubles the change interval on the DPF (exhaust particulate filter).

Scania Euro 6 vehicles are filled with LDF-4 at the factory. LDF-4 is approved for D13 and D9 from Euro 1 to Euro 6 as well gas engines, but restricted for V8s.


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