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A Smarter Watch

Apple watch – Scania Edition

A watch for professional drivers

Truck and driver app icons

Apps that support your daily work

Our Apple Watch covers what’s important on the road with two new apps. One that watches over the truck, and one for the driver.

A Apple watch with a blue Scania strap

The Scania Edition

The watch itself comes in a unique leather covered case, with a custom Scania leather strap and is bundled with a universal travel power adapter.

A Scania 140 V8 bracelet

The Scania 140 V8 Bracelet

Make your watch even more special with a watch bracelet made from actual motoring history.

A gold V8 Scania bracelet from the back

Where legacy meets future

A blue Scania watch box

Buy the watch

The Scania edition of the Apple Watch is only available for purchase through Scania. To order, contact a Scania parts retailer or follow the link below. Available for purchase 2016-07-15.

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