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Scania first place in Commercial Motor Tipper Review

"A near-perfect combination of function and form" 


These are the words of Commercial Motor magazine, written to describe the P 410 8x4 XT tipper.  Scania eight-wheel tippers have long been market leader in the UK, and by carrying out a detailed comparative investigation against five rivals at its annual tipper test, the magazine has now confirmed precisely why.

Announcing the P 410 XT as the outright winner, Editor Will Shiers wrote: "Here we have a truck that ticks numerous boxes in both camps [operators and drivers], and as a result it's easy to understand why the P-series XT is currently the UK's best-selling tipper."

The magazine's trials covered three specific areas; Vehicle Specification, Cab Vision and Subjective Scoring.  While the first two categories are based on facts and measurements, Subjective Scoring allows the journalists the freedom to judge vehicles taking their own personal preferences into account – much as owners and drivers do. 

Four aspects of the cab – Access, Comfort, Storage and Equipment – are examined in detail and marked out of five.  The P 410 scored an unsurpassed 5/5 in no fewer than six specific areas.

"As the country's leading weekly transport industry magazine, many UK operators put great stock in Commercial Motor's trusted truck reviews, so this is another great result for our eight-wheel tippers and great news for us, our dealers and our customers," says Vincente Connolly, UK Sales Director for Scania (Great Britain) Limited.  "Since its launch in 2017, the XT has developed an incredible reputation for performance, durability and reliability, which is why so many operators choose it today.  What's more, the all-round appeal of the XT certainly didn't escape the Commercial Motor team – not only did they confirm it's as robust as it looks, they also remarked that driving it was a whole lot of fun!" 

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Scania P 410 8x4 XT
Volvo FMX 460
Renault Range C460
Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3240K
MAN TGS 35.430