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It's official: The 650 S is the best of the best!   

"It's our number one…we reckon nothing quite rivals the superb luxury of the 650 S."  Those are not our words – they were written by Commercial Motor (CM) as it summed up why the Scania 650 S is simply the best flagship truck money can buy.   

The comment was made in a special group test supplement where the 650 S was pitted against high-spec rival vehicles from Volvo, DAF, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco and Renault.  Conducted by CM's experienced team of hands-on road test journalists, the trial compared each vehicle over a wide range of performance metrics including both objective and subjective factors.  Particular emphasis was given to visibility, rightly so given that the high datum point of flagship cabs can restrict the driver's view of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.  Here, the 650 S scored an impressive nine out of ten. 

"It's no secret that Scania's high roof sleeper cabs have long been the choice of drivers, not just in the UK, but in every one of the 100 or so countries around the world where Scania products are marketed," comments Vincente Connolly, Scania's UK Sales Director.  "And that's even more so for high roof vehicles equipped with a V8 engine, as in the case of the 650 S."

While new generation vehicles such as the 650 S take luxury living for truck drivers to a new level, the range can trace its heritage through many iconic iterations of the Scania marque – the R-series, the 4-series, the 3-series and all the way back to the  'Program Scania' range launched in 1980 – all of which put driver safety and comfort at the heart of their design.

"As CM highlighted in its report, this is the truck for work, rest and play – working inside a cab whose safety credentials are truly second-to-none, resting in considerable luxury surrounded by a raft of creature-comforts, and playing with features such as the advanced infotainment system incorporated into the dashboard of every Scania 650 S truck."

Vincente Connolly

Scania's UK Sales Director

Notwithstanding its pedigree the 650 S, in common with other new generation Scania trucks, is an all-new product designed from the ground-up. That means the 650 S is bristling with refinements and the kind of attention to detail noted throughout CM's group test report.  From the quality of its fittings to its 'feel good' factor, the magazine concluded, the 650 S has it all.  It also means the 650 S benefits from a wealth of advanced technology, which is included not simply for the sake of technology but to ensure the 650 S is a cost-effective, highly efficient, truck which delivers maximum uptime and an excellent return on investment, thereby contributing to the profitability and sustainability of its owners.

"While a 650 S is a prestigious feather in the cap for any operator, there's a massive benefit for drivers too," adds Vincente.  "That's because high spec vehicles such as this are likely to be employed on long haul operations, where the driver not only spends time behind the wheel but also lives in the cab throughout the working week, and sometimes longer.