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Scania focuses on sustainability with unique, global event 

Scania has reinforced its commitment to sustainability by holding a Sustainability Day involving every one of its 52,000 employees worldwide.  On Friday 20 September, every member of Scania’s global team stopped work for an hour to discuss sustainability and explore ways in which every employee can contribute to the company’s sustainability work going forward.   

In the UK, Scania (Great Britain) Limited ran a series of workshops throughout the day to ensure every employee would be able to participate in the event.  The workshops began with an in-depth briefing of the sustainability issues confronting the automotive industry and Scania’s plans to drive the shift towards more sustainable transport solutions, including the transition from conventional fuels to biodiesel, biogas, hybrid and, ultimately, electrification.  The briefing was followed by a series of group discussions in which team members suggested and considered ways in which they could contribute to Scania’s sustainability work at a local level.

As a follow-up, all employee suggestions are now being evaluated and, wherever feasible, will be incorporated into the company’s UK sustainability action plan.  This plan will be enacted nationwide and shared with Scania colleagues around the world. Similarly, other ideas gathered around the world will be embraced and added to Scania’s UK plan.

“Scania has long stated its intention to be at the forefront as our industry makes the transition towards more sustainable products, services and working practices,” comments Martin Hay, Managing Director for Scania (Great Britain) Limited.  “Our Sustainability Day represents a major investment by the company and is a manifestation of the depth of our commitment to the vitally important goal of improving our sustainability and thereby helping to address the threat posed by climate change.

“With regard to global warming, Scania recognises the automotive industry has historically been part of the problem, and our intention now is to be part of the solution as well.  By briefing all our employees and inviting them to engage and share in our sustainability work by contributing their own suggestions for improvement, we are looking to realign our corporate culture into one which places sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.”