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A Scania horsebox fit for Queenholme

International event riders and owners of Queenholme Equestrian based in Wymeswold, Mark and Tanya Kyle, have recently added 450 more horsepower to their yard in the form of a Scania S450 Sovereign horsebox.

It was the strong reputation of the Scania brand, the flat floor in the S-cab and the strong residual value which made the decision for the Kyles to purchase the brand-new vehicle and have it converted by Sovereign Horseboxes.

“We’d been looking for a flat floor cab and saw the Scania S-cab on the configurator on the website and it was exactly what we wanted. The 450hp engine gives us the strong pulling power we need and the levels of fuel efficiency we were looking for. It’s a great looking vehicle and we always get a lot of looks when we pull into an event.” explains Tanya.

“The vehicle is great to drive and extremely comfortable and the horses travel beautifully in it thanks to the air suspension and solid build. We have a camera on them so that we can check that they’re not getting distressed and accidentally injuring themselves. When horses are calm and relaxed, they can do their best at events so a smooth ride is essential.”

The custom-built vehicle has already toured the country taking seven horses or eight ponies to affiliated competitions and events and will travel to a number of European rounds later this year. When it was delivered after the six month body build time, it was in the Leicestershire-based yard for just one hour before it was packed and loaded and driven to a Scottish competition – nearly six hours drive away.

living quarters of the S450 horsebox
Luxury living quarters inside the horsebox. Easy access through the S-series flat floor.

The build specification was tailored to the exact requirements of the Kyles and their plans for the vehicle.

“For us, the ability to transport as many horses and ponies as we can is our priority so we decided to make the living space slightly smaller than others may choose. That being said, it will still comfortably sleep six in the living area as there are three double beds. It gives us a fantastic space to welcome guests and there’s plenty of space for the horses to be comfortable. We can transport seven horses or eight ponies and often pull a trailer behind too”, continues Tanya.  

The riders and grooms can spend up to seven nights living in the vehicle at events so benefit from the comfortable beds and seating areas as well as the integrated electric oven, induction hob and microwave. The modern bathroom is kitted out with a large shower as well as sink and WC. There’s even a full-size freezer in the external storage area as well as dedicated saddle and equipment storage.

S450 Horsebox

“We’d been looking for a flat floor cab and saw the Scania S-cab on the configurator on the website and it was exactly what we wanted."

Mark and Tanya Kyle

Owners of Queenholme Equestrian

The centre has over 70 horses and ponies at the yard so often has vehicles travelling all over the country at one time to various competitions. Tanya and Mark have been so impressed with the Scania S450, that they’re already planning their next vehicle.

“We will keep this vehicle for around two to three years and then look at getting another one. Mileage on horseboxes are very low in comparison to the mileage that the trucks are doing so the Scania engine will still have plenty in it for the new owners. It’s not rare to see horseboxes that are 20 years old when they’ve been looked after.”

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