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14 XT vehicles delivered


LSS Waste Management Limited trust Scania 

Leeds-based waste solutions provider, LSS Waste Management Limited, is adding 14 Scania XT vehicles to its fleet over the next month. 

This will boost its fleet to over 75 vehicles, 95 percent of which are Scania.

The new vehicles being added are two tippers, two hook-loaders and ten skip loaders. Managing Director of LSS Waste Management Limited, Nigel Woolford, has also ordered a further eight trucks for delivery in 2019, bringing the total order to 22 vehicles this year.

He comments, "Having been in business for over 34 years in a very tough industry and environment I have always tried to buy the very best equipment I can. Scania are without doubt the best trucks we have run by far.

"With a fleet of over 75 trucks, the majority of which are Scania, the feedback from the drivers of the new XT models is that they are outstanding vehicles. I couldn’t wish for more than happy drivers. Our drivers love them in every way. In particular they like the great comfort, great visibility, great power and ease of driving. The vehicles make them feel good each day before they start their work. From a business perspective, fuel economy is also much better. We are currently running fuel tests on our skip loaders, hook-loaders and tippers and are all looking much improved compared with their predecessors.”

This is a view shared by Workshop and Fleet Manager at LSS Waste Management Limited, Sally Johnson, who adds: “We work our vehicles extremely hard and have always chosen the P-series because they’re robust and reliable. We’ve got 05, 06, 07, 57, 16 and now 18 plates – I think that’s something that speaks for itself.”

“We’ve always trusted Scania and the upgrades they make to the vehicles so decided to go for the latest option and I’m glad we did. Sat next to the existing P-series, the new generation cabs have a real presence. I’m positive that the engineering and design changes on the XT range will also benefit us in terms of uptime.”

Launched in September 2017, the Scania XT range boasts a tough exterior including a steel bumper, robust rear view mirrors, suspension designed for heavy duty usage and headlamp protection. However, it’s not just the vehicles which were key in the decision making process for the company.

All the 64, 16, 17 and 18 plate vehicles on the LSS fleet are on full repair and maintenance plans serviced by Scania Normanton.

Sally explains why: “When we got the latest vehicles, we looked at the level of technology on them and decided it was best to make sure they were looked after by the experts. I want to be able to call the depot and know they care about the uptime our vehicles, which I believe they do as they do everything in their power to fit us in. Relationships stand for a lot and to date the backup has always been there.”  

Nigel concludes: “While the cost of the Scania vehicles are a little more, the return is far greater with the better fuel economy, hardly any downtime, and fantastic care from purchase to service from Scania, I can say no more. We have an extremely strong relationship with both the sales and the aftersales team, we know we can trust and rely on them. Scania is first class in all respects from purchasing to service – the overall Scania experience.” 

The company operates a waste recycling centre at its purpose-built Cross Green Industrial Park headquarters. Annually processing up to 300,000 tonnes of waste, they recycle over 95 percent of all the waste they recover. The main aim of the company is to ‘meet and then exceed customer needs’, something the Scania vehicles on their fleet help them achieve.