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J.S Mackenzie model truck

1:50 scale R 500 Highline Scania



Customised promotional model vehicle specialist, Search Impex, is pleased to announce the release of a 1:50 scale Scania Highline R 500 (6x4) tractor unit with Palfinger crane & fly jib and 3 axle, Broshuis step frame low loader, customised in the classy livery of Salisbury based crane assisted haulage specialist J A Mackenzie.

The models have been produced exclusively for Search Impex by WSI Collectibles as a certificated Limited Edition (175 pieces). 

Jimmy Mackenzie, founder and present day MD of J A Mackenzie knew from a young age that he wanted to drive HGV’s for a living.  Once he left school though, he would have to wait sometime until he was old enough to get an HGV licence and so remained at his previous after school job as a kitchen assistant in a hotel, eventually landing himself a job as Head Chef by the age of 20.

Despite this, his sights remained firmly set on the haulage industry and as soon as he was able, he passed his Class 1 and bought his first truck – a concrete mixer.  Even then, he was a stickler for presentation and would become known for the immaculate condition of his vehicle, a badge that has stuck to this very day.

A couple of years later he moved on to a HIAB truck and this was really where it all began.  This was almost 30 years ago.

After a period spent moving heavy industrial type items and machinery, Jimmy received a very different enquiry to move a large sculpture.  Having not moved any large works of art, Jimmy was up for the challenge and so took on the job which, of course, was completed very successfully.  The PR and publicity that came as a result of doing that job led to other enquiries about lifting and moving other sculptures and heavy, awkward shaped pieces of art for both businesses and wealthy private individuals.  Characteristic to many of these jobs were difficult access to the sites from where, or to where, the objects were to be lifted and also tight spaces within which to lift and manoeuvre the objects – so requiring enormous patience and millimetre perfect precision during lifts.  As Jimmy and his staff gained more experience in lifting and moving “out of the ordinary” items, J A Mackenzie was, slowly but surely, making a big name for itself as a niche market specialist for lifting heavy items, especially works of art and sculptures and siting them in awkward places.

As befits a niche market operator, the Company runs a modest but immaculate fleet of 6 specialised trucks, including several custom-built vehicles.  All trucks are kept to an exceptionally high standard – and are often the subject of conversation amongst customers and truck enthusiasts alike.  The Scania R 500 with Palfinger crane is the flagship truck in the fleet and was constructed according to Jimmy’s exacting specifications.  A real sight to behold, this impressive beast, complete with fly jib and winch system, can operate as a rigid truck, a wagon and drag or an artic – and even purely as a crane on its own.

Whilst not all the lifting work is artworld related (Jimmy now also specializes in the movement and installation of large industrial units including large generators into underground car parks and air handling units into the roofs of many of the country’s leading supermarkets), Jimmy has earned a well-deserved reputation as the “go-to-guy” if it’s a sizeable sculpture or large work of art to be moved.  Jimmy and his team at J A Mackenzie carry out lifts throughout the UK & Europe for museums, art galleries, well known artists and wealthy individuals, not to mention the rich and famous.   

Models, available from Search Impex, are priced at £182 each (including UK delivery & VAT). 

For details of availability of this and other models, collectors can visit the Search Impex website at or call on 01332 873555.