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Decarbonising Coaches

Our low carbon journey

HVO - A sustainable alternative?

As we progress on our low carbon journey and cement Scania’s position as a leader in sustainable transport, we are constantly looking at potential opportunities for our customers to shift to a low carbon sustainable solution. Just as we worked closely with stakeholders to promote the use of bio-gas in the bus industry, we identified such an opportunity in the form of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

Emissions in Paris

BACKGROUND AND AIMS. As Scania has been developing its Sustainable Solutions portfolio, a potential solution for customers who operate long haul/intercity/scheduled coach services and require a low carbon solution was identified.

Traffic safety in London

HVO - A SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE.. Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is widely available today throughout Europe, but has not so far been adopted to the same degree within the UK.

Narrow streets in Rome

CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE. When I found out that we wouldn’t have to change anything on the vehicles, there could potentially be savings on the maintenance of the vehicles running on HVO and the fuel efficiency would at least be on parity with regular diesel, what’s not to like?

Wide streets of Berlin

VEHICLE MANUFACTURER PERSPECTIVE. All our Scania engines from Euro IV onwards can run on HVO straight away with no modifications or maintenance changes. It’s fully mixable too so can be used in conjunction with regular diesel, from a ‘splash and go’ perspective, it is ideal.

Driving in Madrid

FUEL SUPPLIER PERSPECTIVE. Direct cost is approximately 5-10% more expensive; but other savings such as CO2, Greenhouse gases and reduced maintenance and operational costs have very significant benefits.

Decarbonising Coaches

At Scania we want to part of the solution not part of the problem we have the broadest range of solutions available to help. We can offer support and guide you to find the most appropriate solution for your business. Different vehicles operating in differing environments demand bespoke solutions.

Our green toolbox has everything required to help you, whether its efficiency in your operation, driver training, alternative fuels or a complete transformation of your operation we are here to help. As we move forward on this journey together, Scania are redefining the way we do business.

The landscape is changing, our network of partners and knowledge is evolving and the partnerships we are creating will help us to innovate to find more sustainable solutions for the industry and our customers


"We sincerely hope that the trial will see government and policy support to encourage HVO use within the coach sector.”

Martin West

Sales Director, Scania Bus & Coach


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