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S.Café® fabric

Hoodie made from used coffee beans


What if coffee could keep you warm, not only when you drink it, but also a second time around? Add advantages such as significant UV-protection, odour control and plenty of raw material – this is S.Café®.

Innovative insight

The pioneering S.Café® technology was created by Jason Chen and his wife Amy in 2009, after four years of research and hard work by a devoted group of innovators and environmental partners. It all started with a sudden insight of how to take the deodorising properties of the coffee bean further.

Used coffee beans
”If one can harness the ability to incorporate coffee grounds to make clothes, one can also increase the performance and value of this sustainable product.”

100% recyclable

The S.Café® technology utilises spent coffee grounds as a raw material to produce a unique green fiber, the S.Café® yarn. UV-protected, odour-free and fast-drying, the environmentally-friendly S.Café® fabric offers numerous sustainable advantages and is 100% reusable.

Our comfy, regular fit fleece hoodie in S.Café@ fabric is available in the web shop.