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Scania Marine solution

Meeting the toughest demands

The ultimate uptime solution

Scania’s marine solution offers almost unlimited possibilities to meet the toughest demands of reliability, performance and operating economy. Propulsion or auxiliary? Fast patrol craft or heavy river barges? Whatever you're looking for, Scania provides a solution that meets your need.

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Sustainable power

The IMO Tier III engine range states a cut of NOx emissions by more than 70% and when running entirely on HVO fuel, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 90%.

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Propulsion applications

Scania’s solid record of outstanding fuel economy, proven reliability and high uptime is with a significantly reduced emissions, delivering unparalleled operating economy for displacement vessels.

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Auxiliary applications

Compact design, unlimited adaptability and standard interfaces allow easy installation and seamless integration irrespective of application. Power at work, from day one.

From specification to lifetime service

Professional guidance and specifications based on close co-operation between Scania’s application engineer and the customer, the pre-installation phase paves the way to high uptime and performance.

Marine engine pre-installation

Specifications and installation

Throughout the building and installation process, Scania provides professional installation support required to ensure the best configuration and trouble-free installation.

Installation review

Installation review

Thorough inspection and on-water test runs conclude the installation process. When the installation complies with Scania’s requirements, the Scania Installation Approval is signed by your Scania representative.

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Worldwide service network

Our global parts logistics network and more than 1,800 service workshops all over the world, vouch for outstanding availability and maximum uptime.

Pure and proven technology


Being a vital component of the powertrain, an optimised factory-fitted transmission that carefully matches our engines contributes both to overall performance and economy.

Power at your fingertips

Instrumentation - a generation of modular units for enhanced control. The entire system is type-approved and designed to deliver maximum on-board flexibility and total integration.

Aftertreatment system reduces exhaust gases

Taking advantage of proven technologies our engineers continue to break new ground with the Scania SCR-system (selective catalytic reduction). Scania SCR is easy to use, very reliable and does not affect torque and power output.