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DVS Safety Systems

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The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is a new safety legislation from Transport for London(TfL). From 1st March 2021, all goods vehicles over 12 tonnes will need a Safety Permit to enter Greater London, including vehicles from outside of the UK. Enforced by TfL, the legislation is based on a ‘Direct Vision star rating’ indicating how much of the area directly next to the vehicle a driver can see from the cab.

Why do you need a safety system? 

If your HGV does not meet the minimum requirement of one star that is needed to enter Greater London from 26th October 2020 you will need an additional safe system to be fitted to be eligibe for a safety permit. 

The scheme will be implemented by a decriminalised Traffic Regulation Order. Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera’s will detect a vehicle which will be checked with TfL’s permit database. Both Operators/hauliers without a permit may be issued a PCN of £550 and £130 for the driver, even if the vehicle meets the relevant permit requirements. 




Brigade Safety Systems

From the market leader of safety devices - Brigade Electronics. The safety system kits we have available for both Scania and Non-Scania vehicles consist of the following : Camera Monitoring System, Sensor System, Speaking Alarm, Warning Stickers. We offer these safety system kits for both rigid and tractor vehicles.

Durite Safety Systems

Our Durite range offers competitively priced safety system kits for both Scania and Non-Scania vehicles. These safety system kits consist of the following Camera Monitoring System, Sensor System, Speaking Alarm, Warning Stickers. We offer these safety system kits for both rigid and tractor vehicles.

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Camera Monitoring System

A high quality camera monitor system that provides blind spot coverage to the nearside of the vehicle. This system consists of a monitor and mount side view camera.

Sensor System

Our Brigade kits consists of a 4 sensor system to alert drivers of objects close to the nearside blind spot. This is a vital blind spot to have coverage as often cyclists or pedestrians can go undetected. These sensors are activated by the left turn indicator.

Warning Alarm

An audible alert to road users that the vehicle is currently manoeuvring left. This alert will activate when the left turn indication is selected. It is a combination of white sound and real-speech.

How can our Safety Systems help?

Safety systems can help increase driver's vision of blind spots with the use of sensor's and monitors fitted to the vehicle. Watch our video below to find out more.

Scania's solution to DVS

Whether you need a camera kit, side bar or are looking to for a brand new 5* rated truck. At Scania we have you covered.


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