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Hall of Fame: Huw Williams on behalf of ADT

Congratulations to our latest Hall of Fame competition winner - Huw Williams! His story is not just about victory. It's one of passion, power and dedication.


Behind the wheel of this powerful Scania 650 S V8, Huws has left a lasting mark on the road. Representing ADT with pride, Huw's journey began nearly four years ago when, at the age of 22, when he seized the opportunity to commandeer this special Scania.

While the V8 may be his vehicle of choice, it's Huw's unwavering commitment to perfection that sets him apart from the others.


With ADT's support, he has transformed this truck into a hardworking masterpiece, with a sound system and lighting setup that are second to none. Every aspect of the vehicle reflects Huw's vision and ADT's dedication to quality, making it a stunner on the road.


As we toast Huw's victory, we also extend our gratitude to ADT for their support.