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Accelerate the shift to sustainable transport

We are living through an era of radical and disruptive technological change. New tools and technologies have emerged that are transforming how we live and work. Some of these innovations are playing a key role in helping Scania, together with others across the transport ecosystem, accelerate the shift to sustainable transport.


By harnessing new tools and ways of working, we are rapidly developing the ideas and technologies that will shape tomorrow’s transport system. The industry is experiencing one of the most transformative eras in its history. We are seizing the opportunities these changes bring to accelerate the shift towards sustainable transport. This involves investing in innovation in areas that are core to our business today, as well as exploring new business models and solutions.


Through pioneering research and development, Scania is bringing cutting edge ideas and technologies into today’s transport solutions. Our R&D work in areas such as AI, automation, electrification and connected transport is unlocking the next phase in the evolution of heavy commercial transport, and accelerating the shift to sustainable solutions.


Through data-driven, digital services a wealth of information is provided that customers can use to manage a fleet proactively. Digital services is also a tool to improve sustainability performance in the transport system. Co-created with our customers and using data from our connected vehicles, Scania has developed a range of digital services to keep customers on the road and ahead of the competition.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Scania addresses the disruptive changes in the ecosystem of transport and logistics, and stimulates new innovations outside of our core business. To capture the market opportunities that will come from the future transport system, we must be ready to use all the tools at our disposal. That means embracing new ways of working, developing our skills and knowledge and adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. 

How we are doing it

Scania Ventures

Our corporate venture building function creates new business and start-ups within the organization to drive innovation and growth.


Venture Collaborations

Partnerships between emerging companies and Scania to leverage each other´s strengths and capabilities.


Scania Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory is Scania’s intrapreneur program where talent from across the organisation get the time, resources and support to learn about and develop new business opportunities for Scania.


Scania Growth Capital

Scania has founded Scania Growth Capital to invest in high-growth companies with strategic relevance to the ecosystem of customers and partners in the mobility and transport industries.

Autonomous transport solutions

Scania’s Autonomous transport solutions is an important contribution to the transition towards safer, more efficient, and sustainable transport. The demand for autonomous solutions is increasing, and their commercialisation is expected within the next few years. With new legislative and technological advances, it is expected to have a substantial impact on the industry. 

In close cooperation with our customers and leading technology suppliers Scania is continuously developing autonomous transport solutions with particular focus on the mining and Hub-to-Hub segment.

Autonomous hub-to-hub on highways

The application of autonomous technology for autonomous hub-to-hub transport is steadily gaining pace. With the permission of the Swedish transport authority, Scania is trialling autonomous trucks in open-road conditions in Sweden. The customer advantages are clear, as the use of autonomous hub-to-hub truck solutions can provide significant benefits for logistics companies, resulting in greater efficiency, lower costs, improved safety and tracking, and reduced environmental impact.

Autonomous mining solutions

The benefits of utilising Scania’s autonomous mining solutions are potential cost savings, increased productivity, improved safety, and reduced environmental impact. Our trucks have several potential advantages over traditional heavy haulage trucks, both in terms of emissions and productivity. A smaller truck solution means faster operations with less waste.