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The world is dependent on a variety of equipment, vehicles, and vessels to meet today´s needs within construction, material handling, agriculture, power generation, transport, fishing and more.


Scania provides these machines with power systems and services of the highest quality, enabling them to do what they do and to do it well.


Our products are the result of more than a century’s experience of cutting-edge engineering and continuous improvement – always with a focus on reliability, efficiency, and minimised environmental impact.


Scania power systems are widely regarded to be among the most efficient on the market. Along with our powertrain optimization services, this keeps emissions and operational cost to a minimum, prolongs time between refuels, and enhances machine response and handling.


Developed in-house based on advanced on-road technology and with around 100,000 units manufactured each year, our engines ensure dependability, durability, and robustness. Their modular design allows for excellent parts availability, while connectivity gives access to proactive support – enabling our global network of close to 2,000 service points to further maximise uptime.


Beyond meeting the strictest emissions standards, Scania is dedicated to lowering carbon emissions by providing energy efficient power systems as well as real-time emissions data that form a base for further savings. Our portfolio of engines running on alternative fuels also contribute to the overall ambition – helping customers and operators to minimise environmental impact.


Due to decades of close customer collaboration, we understand the challenges equipment manufacturers face. Our power systems and services facilitate equipment design and installation, providing value via cost savings and power optimisation. And with footprint, interfaces, and components shared across engine sizes and emission standards, further cost saving can be achieved.

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By knowing more about your machinery and operation, we can tailor-make our services for you. For that reason, and to ensure coverage for your accompanying Scania guarantees, we ask you to report the warranty start date for your new engine.