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Scania Climate Day

With Scania Climate Day we are taking our commitment to sustainability to the next level. The event enable all employees to learn more about climate change and get time to reflect on how we can contribute to creating a more sustainable world for our business, for the society and environment. Scania Climate Day takes place adjacent to Global Earth Day, which occurs on 22 April.

Each of us can make a difference


Historically, carbon emissions from transport have increased in lockstep with demand. To satisfy the world’s growing need for transport, while reducing net emissions to zero in just a few decades, we must break that link. We need a sustainable transport system: one that keeps goods and people moving without harming people or the planet, and that’s available to everyone.


This calls for the most radical transformation of transport since the advent of the internal combustion engine. This transformation isn’t just possible – it’s happening right now. At Scania we are driving the transition by taking immidiate climate action and developing and scaling the future sustainable technology.

Great commitment and interest among employees

During Climate Day 2023, more than 30,000 employees participated in the event.

"Scania Climate Day really contributes to creating awareness and commitment to sustainability individually among each employee. We drive the shift towards sustainable transport and the purpose of this activity is to give us the foundation to do it”, says Maria Jobenius, Project Leader and Senior Sustainability Strategist.

Scania Climate Day 2024

This year, the focus will be on why climate action is a core business strategy for Scania, how each of us can take action and how the science-based climate targets (SBTs) serve as an important evaluation of our progress.

Towards fossil-​free commercial transport

Reaching the Paris climate target requires fully decarbonising heavy commercial transport. Getting there no later than 2050 is not only possible but also financially attractive from a societal perspective. 


Biofuels offer a here and now way to cleaner transport, but electrification is the least costly option in the long run and will be key to a future sustainable transport system. 

Interested to learn more?

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