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Three questions to Lars-Henrik Jörnving

Scania Growth Capital is Scania’s corporate venture capital fund. It invests in companies working on the transition to a sustainable transport system and in companies with a potential to develop new technology and new business models.

Why did Scania invest in Swed-Weld?

Swed-Weld is a leading producer of add-on equipment to automated manufacturing cells. The company has developed a modular production system that allows them to rapidly develop tailor-made feeders based on customer specifications. Techniques and way of thinking makes Swed-Weld a very interesting partner when it comes to automation and digitalisation of the production.


How can you, from a Scania point of view, contribute to the success of Swed-Weld?

With my almost 30 years of experience from various (mostly managerial) positions within Scania Production and R&D I can contribute with all sort of industrial knowledge ranging from management, production knowledge to lean methods. My extensive network within Scania and the TRATON-group as well as the Swedish industry in general will also help Swed-Weld to get the right contacts to make their products known and in this way increase sales.


What can Scania co-workers with entrepreneurial skills or interests learn from Swed-Weld?

Swed-Weld has shown that automation is far from an "IT-only" question. It's the combination of engineering, IT and automation skills that makes magic. They have also shown that there is a great potential for production in Sweden and to support the industry in their automation development.

If you have a good idea, engineering skills and understanding for the market needs you can start in a small scale.