grant bryant celebrates 30 years with truckeast

13th January 2023

"What does your typical day look like?" is always a tricky question to answer.


It really does depend on the day. But, we wanted to give you a bit of insight into a day in the life of the parts team here at TruckEast and what better way to do this than to meet one of our longest servers – Grant Bryant...     


What is your job title and what is the main thing it involves?

I am the Parts Supervisor for TruckEast Bury St Edmunds, and my role is to work quietly behind the scenes – like Batman only without the cool cape – ensuring that everything in my department is running smoothly. Between my team and I, quite simply we ensure that the right part is there at the right time.


What have you got planned today?

My day starts off the same – first where is the food? – then organising and putting away the recently delivered stock, whilst updating the inventory as I go. Next up we prepare collections and deliveries scheduled throughout the day; to our customers and other branches.


Right now, the team are working on sourcing all necessary parts for the new Scania trucks scheduled for the next few weeks.


With a new truck what is involved in the logistics for sourcing parts?

There are many different scenarios when it comes to new trucks, but the one that jumps out to me right now involves lightbars…


With Scania’s they’re a great spec, but in some cases, customers like to modify them further. When it comes to lights for example there is so many options that can make your truck stand out from miles away.


A recent one included 10 different light variations, and none of them come from the same supplier. Meaning logistically, we had to order these parts simultaneously and get them sent to our branch all at the same time.


What other teams will you be working with?

The main teams I liaise with is the Service department and the Bodyshop. Ensuring we are all on the same page for parts and truck collections, as well as trucks coming in for a service. One of my main responsibilities is to the anticipate what parts will most likely be needed and when. Great stock control is a necessity, having the parts but also making sure they are not lying around gathering dust.


What’s the most rewarding thing you achieved in 2022?

The move from Stowmarket to Bury St Edmunds without a doubt! Getting all our stock moved from one site to the other and managing the logistics of the move.


Our new stock room is different from the one at Stowmarket so the previous layout we had for products had to be re-organised to fit the space. I can say that I am now at master at Tetris when it comes to product placement. Managing a project such as this was a great achievement as I approached 30 years with TruckEast.


How would you describe the team?

There are currently three of us within the Parts department, each of us brings different areas of knowledge to the table. I can think of two words to describe this team – very efficient. Whenever we have a problem that needs to be solved asap, this team is proactive in its approach.


The three of us have worked together for a long time now, and we have built such a good rapport. Rapport in any team is important – especially one this small. It means when there is a challenge, we can lean on each other to see it through.


What’s your advice for someone wanting to join TruckEast?

TruckEast is a great company to work for; they look after us, ensuring our concerns and opinions are heard. They give us opportunities to progress in our chosen fields and make us feel like we are part of something bigger.


My advice would be – why haven’t you applied yet?