Northamptonshire Fire Add Scania Aerial Appliance to fleet

Scania L Cab Aerial Appliance future proofs the safety for Growing county

24th July, 2023

As the county grows, and with it the demand for safety, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service commissioned an all-new aerial appliance, built on a Scania L 360 6x2*4 chassis.


Purchased from TruckEast Wellingborough, the appliance joins eight other fire-fighting vehicles that have recently been added to the fleet, all P 280 4x2 crew-cabs. Marking the first L cab on the fleet, the vehicle offers a lower centre of gravity, which not only enhances the manoeuvrability, but also the stability when cornering; making it the ideal chassis for the aerial appliance.


The L Cab is Scania's low-entry product with excellent cross-cab access, allowing for fast entry and exit from the vehicle. It also means the crew benefit from enhanced visibility, thanks to the vehicle height, dashboard, window and seating design.

Due to its central location, Northamptonshire remains a key logistics hub, which sees many ongoing commercial developments -  both in progress and planning. That, combined with the predicted growth rate of the county to be around 15.5% across the medium term, will result in higher demand anticipated by the Fire and Rescue Service. The new aerial is designed to strengthen the existing capabilities of the Fire Service in managing large scale incidents at high-rise and commercial buildings.


Last month, fire fighters were trained on the latest member of the fleet, which can reach 42-metres in 90-seconds. The turntable ladder can be used as both an operational staircase to potentially rescue people from height, as well as a powerful water tower - delivering high volumes from its elavated position.


Packed with the latest camera technology, the vehicle can live stream incidents to commanders, giving an aerial view of a scene - improving the situational awareness, and providing insight toward tactical decisions needed during major incidents.


Mark Jones, Chief Fire Officer said, "Following the Grenfell Tower inquiry, a number of operational recommendations were made to the emergency services. These included ensuring frontline firefighters have access to the latest technology and equipment to enable them to respond effectively to incidents in high-rise and tall buildings. These recommendations were considered locally along with the potential residential and commercial risk and a decision taken to invest in a new state-of-the-art aerial appliance."


"This latest investment is a welcome addition to the country's fleet and will enhance the Service's ability to operate at height. It also helps us to futureproof the safety of the county as we see large scale commercial developments right across Northamptonshire," he continues.

Imagery provided by Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service