Consultation for next phase of Direct Vision Standard is live

28th February, 2023

Transport for London (TfL) has announced its proposed changes to the HGV safety permit scheme ahead of tighter standards coming into force for Direct Vision in 2024.

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS), which first came into enforcement back in 2021, was part of a vision to improve HGV safety and make London's streets safer. The legislation itself is based around the star rating of a vehicle, which reflects the visibility the driver has from the cab in relation to other road users.


Currently the minimum standard for the DVS is 1-star. This means that any hgv's over 12 tonnes that have a zero star rating need a safe system fitted to get a permit that allowed them operate in London. Upon launch of the safety permit scheme TfL made it clear that this was only temporary and a progressive safe system would come into play in 2024.


Launched earlier this month, the TfL consultation is reviewing what the next steps will be. We already know that the minimum star rating in October 2024 will raise from 1-star to 3-stars meaning anything from 0 - 2 stars will require a progressive safe system to be fitted. The details around what the progressive safe system will include, is what is currently under review.


TfL are asking for views on their proposal from the public, so now is the chance for you to have your say.


Visit the Direct Vision Standard Consultation on TfL website here.


The consultation period closes on 3rd April.