6th June 2021

In 2017, the government introduced an official funding route for lgv driver training; most importantly for the sector including licence acquisition.


Previously capped at up to £5,000, the Secretary of Education, Gavin Williamson has confirmed that the funding for hgv C + E apprenticeships will increase to £7,000 from 1st July.


According to the RHA, the announcement is a step towards resolving the driver shortage, but there is more that needs to be done.


RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett comments; “We’ve worked tirelessly over the last year to unblock this problem and we’re pleased that the government has listened. But this is only one element to help tackle the growing driver shortage crisis.”

“This move will support firms to recruit and train new drivers in the long-term, but the industry needs immediate help as the demand for goods increases as lockdown restrictions are lifted.”


He added that both retailers and manufacturers need to understand that the cost of distribution will increase as pay rates will have to go up.


The Road Haulage Trailblazer Group (TBG) welcomed and celebrated the announcement by ministers and urged the logistics sector to engage in the process where possible to help solve the long-term issue.