20th May 2021

Following a year filled with challenge and one that was dominated by Covid-19, Scania dealer TruckEast Limited commits to hope for the future by planting and maintaining one tree for each retail Scania truck sold.


Last month the initiative was kick-started with a variety of species planted for every retail truck sold since January 2020.  The current plot being used will eventually cover just over an acre of land and is predominantly populated with native species such as English Oak and Hornbeam. Not only will the woodland contribute to restoring the UK forest canopy for many years to come, but provide additional habitat for local wildlife as the trees mature. Over the next 100 years, this maintained woodland will sequester an estimated 132 tons of carbon.


Climate change and the impact of current operations is on the radar for many businesses across the globe. And historically the transport sector has been seen as a part of the problem, but now companies, such as Scania, are actively becoming part of the solution. Through this one tree project, TruckEast, alongside their customers, are contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact produced through the consumption of fuel in the transport industry.


The idea to create a TruckEast Woodland originated from a series of sustainability workshops back in 2019, where employees from across the business joined together to learn more about sustainability projects both by Scania and those driven by TruckEast themselves. Staff suggested ways that they could contribute to sustainability work on a local level, considering society, the environment and the economy.


As a franchise, TruckEast backs Scania’s global purpose to lead the shift towards sustainable transport. And as a business, they have committed to realigning their operational culture with sustainable choices engrained in their actions.


TruckEast Managing Director, John Biggin comments, “For a long time, we have looked to future proof our business in terms of services, infrastructure and our people. But now more than ever, we have to review the impact we are leaving behind for future generations. Planting a tree for every Scania sold today, maybe a drop in the ocean, but it’s a step towards a better future and just one of the initiatives that TruckEast are introducing.”


"Planting a tree for every Scania sold today is a step towards a better future and just one of the initiatives that TruckEast are introducing.”