19th October 2020

Transport for London announces new scrappage scheme prior to the enforcement of the stricter Low Emission Zone (LEZ) standards, which come into force on 1st March.


Intended to support smaller businesses and charities that operate heavy vehicles, the scheme offers grants of £15,000 to scrap HGV’s that don’t meet the cleanest Euro VI standards. Already more than 100 organisations have pre-registered interest in the scheme and TFL are encouraging others that are eligible to do so.


Designed to help to remove barriers, the scheme will allow businesses to scrap or retrofit up to three HGVs..


Am I eligible?


To qualify for the scheme you must be a sole trader, small business with 50 or less employees or a charity.


Although primarily aimed at London operators – either based in Greater London or hold an operating centre there, others may qualify if the vehicle in question has been driven into Greater London at least 26 times between 28th March 2020 and 28th September 2020. Evidence of said journeys would be required.


The new tougher LEZ standards coincide with the enforcement of Transport for London’s Direct Vision Standard (DVS) from 1st March, 2021. A commitment to make London’s roads safer, the DVS is new legislation that focuses on reducing blind spots in HGVs.


Vehicle owners can check their compliance with LEZ emissions by visiting tfl.gov.uk/lez