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Always Safety Focused

Direct Vision Standard

Direct Vision Standard requirements in London are changing. To improve the safety of all road users, heavy goods vehicles over 12 tonnes will need to have a three- star rating or fit the Progressive Safe System (PSS) to operate in Greater London, from 28 October 2024.

Vehicle safety features

The structure of Scania’s entire cab range offers crash performance and includes structural integrity, instrument positioning and dispersion of impact forces. It also significantly reduces the risk of a car ending up under the vehicle in the event of a collision. Swedish crash test standards are among the most stringent in the world. Our new generation has surpassed them with ease and the new cab structure offer an outstanding crash performance.

Every Scania since 2011 has been created with smart technology, advanced sensors and wireless connectivity, which means you can keep informed of your operations from your desk or remotely through our app. The information we can provide allows you to plan ahead and react quickly, helping you to keep operating safely.

A Scania cab offers panoramic views of the front and sides. Slim A-pillars, low-side windows and instrument panel contribute to enhanced visibility for the driver. During the darker hours, the night lighting function can be used to help reduce reflections and other disturbances. High-mounted spot lamps are incorporated into the sun shield, while auxiliary lighting includes fog and spot lamps for adverse weather conditions. 

With ACC, a minimum cruise distance can be manually set by the driver. The truck will then maintain your cruising speed until you catch up with a slower vehicle; it’ll then slow down the truck to match the other vehicles speed, keeping the pre-set gap between you. When traffic clears in front of you, it’ll resume your chosen cruising speed. This new feature is cruise control made safer and easier. 

Side Detection is a safety feature that has been available on vehicles since 2019. It uses sensors to detect objects in blind spots and alert the driver with LEDs in the A-pillars. This helps the driver stay aware of their surroundings and prevents dangerous situations. 

Safety on site

When visiting or working in a busy and potentially hazardous environment such as a construction site or yard, safety should always be a priority. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and successful visit or work environment, not only for yourself but others as well.

Personal protective equipment

When engaging in any activity that may involve potential risks, it is essential to wear the necessary safety gear. This includes wearing the right type of eyewear, gloves, and hard hats when needed. The correct PPE will ensure you are safe and can be seen by others.


Your local Scania service centre stocks a range of PPE.   


Parking your vehicles in a truckstop or lay-by may be necessary, however, it also presents an opportunity for fuel theft. To address this potential problem, an anti-siphon device has been developed to help against intruders. This device works by preventing the flow of fuel from the tank, ensuring that your vehicle remains safe from theft. Investing in an anti-siphon device is one way to ensure that your vehicles are not targeted by fuel thieves.

Fleet tracking

Our Fleet Position package provides you with complete transparency to always know where your vehicle is with real-time data, you can also access driving times, warning faults and maintenance alerts remotely and have the ability to geofence up to 250 zones.

Safety in the cab

The cab provides a multi-purpose space for drivers, it is the control centre of the vehicle, but can also serve as an office space, shelter, and break area. That is why it is important drivers feel both safe and comfortable in their cab, as they will be spending a significant amount of time in it. 

Fire Extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher in your cab can help you take action quickly if there is a fire emergency. Ensure the gauge and expiry date of the extinguisher are checked and it is securely fastened so that it does not roll around the cab.

Night door lock kit

A door lock kit is a great way to enhance the security of your vehicle. It is easy to install and includes both driver and passenger door locks. The kit is a good solution if you are looking to upgrade your vehicle's security. 


Having the right storage solutions in your cab can make a huge difference. The storage bar mounted on the back wall of the cab comes with a bag and a storage net, which are specially designed to make it easy to store and access your personal items. These allow for simple and accessible storage solutions that help keep the cab nice and tidy.

Safety compliance

With our extensive range of truck services, you can rest assured that your commercial vehicles will be well looked after and we can help you remain compliant. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff are equipped with the latest training, equipment and technology, meaning you can feel confident you are getting high value for your money and good uptime for your operation. From individually tailored contracts to minor truck repairs, whatever your business needs, we are here to help keep you safe on the road.

Software Updates

If you have a dashboard warning light illuminated, it is important to get this checked out as soon as possible. This could indicate a potential software update or campaign which may be safety-critical.  Ignoring the warning light could put you at risk of a breakdown or other issues, so it is important to take this warning seriously. We recommend that you contact your local service centre to investigate further and resolve the issue. Our initial five updates start from £79*. 

Minor Repairs whilst you wait

We understand the importance of quick and efficient repairs. That’s why our service centres offer minor repairs (30 minutes and under) without the need for pre-booking to help keep you safe on the road.

O-License Protector Contract

We’ll carry out your O-Licence inspections, storing them online, so you can access a copy any time you want. We’ll also take care of your annual MOT, including presentation, journey to the test station and a steam clean for MOT. 

Safety on the road

Road safety is of utmost importance if we want to reduce the number of accidents that occur every day. To ensure the safety of everyone on the roads, we must take a comprehensive approach that considers both internal and external factors. 

People Panels

People Panels are designed to upgrade open-rail type side guard systems on almost any HGV, providing protection for pedestrians and cyclists in the event of a collision with a large vehicle.


You can purchase these People Panels from your local Scania service centre. Take a look at our safety brochure to find your size.

Camera Kits

We offer a number of solutions including Vision Track, which provides a comprehensive range of camera systems to help improve operational safety. These systems are easy to use and ergonomically tested, making it simpler and safer to drive, park and manoeuvre your vehicle. Their camera systems can help to reduce accidents and downtime, while also providing insights into driver behaviour and potential dangers. As a result, it is possible to implement a meaningful road safety strategy.


We have an extensive assortment of traffic warning systems, beacons and lighting accessories. These products will help you work and move safely around your vehicle, ensuring that both you and others on the road, always operate in the best light. 

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