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Always Safety Focused

Download our new safety brochure for information on products, services and solutions. 

Winter safety focused

Cold weather can cause headaches for truck drivers, technicians and fleet managers alike, the challenges of driving and delivering to your customers get that little bit tougher and unpredictable.


Being prepared will help you face those challenges when the weather turns, this is how we can help you - we can provide the appropriate products to enhance safety and comfort for you and your drivers on the road, on-site, or during breaks in the cab. We also offer essential services to ensure your trucks are well-maintained. 

Safety Checks

Starting your day during the winter months requires some extra preparation and attention to ensure your safety and comfort. We know how important it is that your vehicle is in tip-top condition before starting your day or any journey.

Making daily checks a breeze

Daily checks are crucial, to ensure the vehicle is in good working order. This includes a thorough check of parts such as batteries, brakes, lamps and mirrors, among others. 


Whether it's acquiring the right tools to carry out checks or replacement parts, our branches are equipped to assist you.


Even minor repairs are no issue, if the repair can be resolved within 30 minutes or less, no pre-booking is required. 

To protect and serve

Ensure you have all the necessary items to enable you and your colleagues to carry out tasks securely. This includes high-visibility clothing and versatile gloves for personal safety, as well as equipment to create a safe working area around the vehicle.


As well, keeping a supply of winter essentials like de-icer, antifreeze, screenwash, and rock salt is essential for preserving vehicle performance during cold weather

Plan ahead

Planning ahead allows for better decision-making and adjustments to schedules when necessary. The Route Planning element in My Scania allows you to check the route for traffic warnings and hazards in advance so you can better plan either your or your driver's journey.

Heat your cab to perfection

Getting out on the road during winter can be tough especially when you're dealing with cold frosty mornings, it's even harder.

Prepare your Scania in advance by setting the temperature in your cab to keep you comfortable from the moment you step inside – all from your smartphone.

Scania Driver App

Scania Driver is our new app designed to enhance the driver's journey. Stay compliant with real-time driver information, monitor your vehicle status and find nearby branches. You can also access Scania Assistance for swift support during breakdowns.

Safety Precautions

Being prepared, planning and fixing any potential issues when you have the opportunity saves time and cost tomorrow. Which is why we have your back. 

Workshop Services

Your Scania vehicle can face harsh conditions during winter, with the colder temperatures putting extra strain on crucial components. Our branches are well-equipped with essential parts and offer a wide array of services to cater to your needs, with the primary goal of maximising planned uptime.

Scania Assistance

Wherever you are, Scania Assistance is available 24/7/365 – with one call you're in touch with a professional service coordinator who knows your Scania. So if the unexpected happens, there’s always someone at the end of the line who can help. 

Scania ProCare

Deviations in uptime critical systems or components, such as, turbochargers, starter motors, disc brakes, are monitored in real-time, where your supporting home branch will then liaise to form a plan if the deviation requires attention. 

Fixed Priced Repairs

Our Fixed Price Repairs are a competitive package including all parts, labour, and consumables. It offers peace of mind with no nasty surprises. It’s that simple – the price we quote you is the price you pay, with no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

Stay winter safety focused

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