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Clean Air Zones

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Clean Air Zones (CAZ) or Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) are being introduced across the UK to improve air quality across the nation's towns and cities. Over the next few years, many Clean Air Zones are due to come into effect and vehicle operators will need to make changes in order to avoid charges. That's where we come in. We can help you on your journey to CAZ or ULEZ compliance, from guiding you through what a Clean Air Zone actually is, to providing you with zone compliant solutions like new or used Euro 6 vehicles or our wide range of renewable fuels.


Low Emission Zones are already in place across Scotland. From 1st June 2023, enforcements will be in place in Glasgow, with other Scottish cities scheduled to follow early next year. You can find out more about this policy and details of the scheme by visiting  Low Emission Zones Scotland | Transport Scotland.

We can support your business through this change, guiding and advising along the way as you make important decisions and journey towards an alternative fuel option.  If you haven’t yet experienced a gas or electric vehicle and would like to arrange to have a demonstration in your region, then we can help.


And if it’s flexibility that you need whilst you consider what Low Emission Zones means for your business, then Scania Truck Rental offers a convenient and simple short term solution. With a range of electric and alternative fuel vehicles now available on rental, we can create a tailor made package to suit your business.

Simply get in touch today to arrange personal meeting or call with a Sales Executive, who together with our electrification experts will tailor a demo package or rental to suit your operation


If you would like to find out more about how Scania Financial Services can join us in supporting your new purchase then now is the time to get in touch.

So, what is a Clean Air Zone?

Watch the short video below to understand exactly what a Clean Air Zone is.

How do you become Clean Air Zone compliant?

We have several options to help you become Clean Air Zone compliant. Hit 'play' to find out more.

Renewable fuels

Take advantage of the largest offer on the market.

We’re fully committed to driving the shift to sustainable fuels. With Scania Truck Rental, making the switch is easier than you might think as we have the widest range of renewable fuel options available on the market. Through our expert advice and guidance, we can help you choose the right renewable fuel for your operation.





Hybrid Electric

Battery Electric

You could be eligible for a CAZ grant

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