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Direct Vision Standard

It's Fast Approaching

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is a new safety legislation from Transport for London(TfL). From 1st March 2021, all goods vehicles over 12 tonnes will need a Safety Permit to enter Greater London, including vehicles from outside of the UK.  Enforced by TfL, the legislation is based on a ‘Direct Vision star rating’ indicating how much of the area directly next to the vehicle a driver can see from the cab.

What is the direct vision standard

Confused?  Watch our video of a simple overview of the Direct Vision Standard and how it could impact you. 

What Does My DVS Rating Mean?

In order to understand if your vehicles are DVS compliant you will need to request a DVS rating from your vehicle manufacturer.  This rating (0-5 stars) is based on how the vehicle left the production line and will not take into account any aftermarket safety systems that have been fitted. 


HGVs that do not meet the minimum requirement of one star will need additional Safe Systems to be fitted to be eligible for a Safety Permit. This will require the installation of extra devices for indirect vision (similar to FORS & CLOCS specifications). Complying with the Safe System will not alter the vehicle’s star rating but will make the vehicle eligible to obtain a TfL Safety Permit to drive into Greater London. 

How Do You Get Your DVS Rating?

Confused?  Watch our video of a simple overview of the Direct Vision Standard and how it could impact you. 

How Long does The Permit Last?

The duration of the HGV Safety Permit depends on whether your vehicle meets the minimum DVS requirement or if it was granted subject to a Safe System.

The permits for vehicles rated One or Two star or those that have qualified on the safe system will expire at the end of 25th October 2024.

Beyond this date, these vehicles will need to reapply for a new permit after fitting a "Progressive Safe System" - although this is subject to a TfL consultation in 2022.

The permits of vehicles rated Three, Four or Five stars will expire at the end of 25th October 2030 or ten years after the application date if granted later than 26 October 2020 - whichever works out as the later date. 

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