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ProCare: Scania UK launches new service offering designed to be as agile as your business

28th June 2023

  • Scania UK launches ProCare – a proactive and responsive service solution
  • Focused around four key areas: flexible maintenance plans, real-time vehicle health monitoring, preventative replacement and a digital ecosystem
  • Designed to increase customer uptime, reduce operating costs and give ultimate peace of mind


Milton Keynes, UK, 28 June 2023: Scania UK has launched its newest service offering which increases customer uptime, reduces operating costs and gives ultimate peace of mind.


Launched at Road Transport Expo 2023, Scania’s new ProCare service product was revealed by James Colbourne, Services Director for Scania UK.


It provides customers with a proactive and responsive service solution, designed around four key areas – flexible maintenance plans, real-time vehicle health monitoring, preventative replacement and a digital ecosystem.


James Colbourne says: “Scania ProCare is the logical next step for our service offering in the UK. It combines all the best parts of our own solution to create a value-added repair and maintenance package.


“It means our customers can have greater peace of mind that they are one-step ahead when it comes to the wellbeing of their vehicles. All with the knowledge that Scania’s network is in support when they need it.”


Steve Atkinson, Director of M&M Haulage (Ryton) Limited, an asphalt and aggregate specialist based in Newcastle, said: “Scania ProCare is a remarkable step forward for hauliers. It takes peace of mind to another level.


“Our trucks are running day and night and are working to their optimum capacity. ProCare means I can go to bed at night knowing that the chances of those trucks going down has decreased dramatically.”


Why has ProCare been created?


Scania ProCare answers the key challenges that our customers face today, whether that’s the strain from high demands on their vehicles or dealing with time sensitive deliveries.

There’s never been more pressure to keep vehicles on the road and earning a business money.


To do so means maintenance schedules need to become a dynamic part of our customers’ operations to ensure they remain a successful operator.


What does each feature include?


There are four key features that make Scania ProCare – flexible maintenance plans, real-time vehicle health monitoring, preventative replacements and a digital ecosystem.


Flexible maintenance plans will allow customers to tailor their maintenance regimes around how their vehicles are being used. With increased coverage and intelligence, it ensures vehicles are given the right maintenance at the right time, minimising overall disruption to a customer’s business.


Real-time health monitoring will inform the local service centre when a customer’s vehicle detects an issue. The Scania team will liaise with the customer and formulate a plan to bring the vehicle in and minimise any potential disruption.


It also monitors and gives foresight on when any uptime critical systems may be at severe risk of a breakdown.


Preventative maintenance makes sure that critical components are replaced in normal maintenance schedules, to reduce the amount of unplanned downtime customers face.


Using historical operational and workshop data, we can make individual predictions for each vehicle about when a critical part will need to be replaced*. The plan dynamically uses live operational data, so it can recalculate when a critical part will need replacing based on how that vehicle is being used.


Service planning gives customers a complete digital overview of the activities and actions completed on their vehicles, within the My Scania platform.


This gives customers peace of mind that their vehicles remain in peak condition and any parts required at the next workshop visit will automatically be scheduled.


Scania ProCare is a fully integrated, business focused servicing solution designed to fit around our customers’ operations, and to take the stress out of keeping their fleet on the road.


*Only selected components on selected vehicle types.