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Pressroom: Scania at Busworld 2013 in Kortrijk, Belgium

Scania offers efficient bus solutions tailored to any type of traffic demand. Scania also provides highly attractive bus system solutions that are always developed in close cooperation with operators. Scania acts with the conviction that a lot can be done using existing technology, while still developing novel solutions that will pay off in the long run.

Nothing beats the bus for flexibility

Scania has identified three affordable focal areas that are wide open to action here and now, and where bus transport is paving the way for sustainability, while providing instant gains for passenger transport and for society: 

Smarter transportation. Better logistics, smoother routing, dedicated routes and enhanced passenger comfort. 

Energy saving. More efficient vehicles, smoother routing, driver support systems and driver training. 

Non-fossil fuels. Commercial solutions exist for biodiesel, biogas and bioethanol.

What’s the challenge?

Ongoing urbanisation in many parts of the world requires prompt action to avoid not only congestion, but a complete breakdown of the traffic system and an unbearable living environment. This is an important arena for bus transport. In many places, this is a step in the evolution of mankind. It’s not about convincing people to leave their cars behind and instead take the bus. It’s a matter of providing the transportation that people badly need. And this is where the bus holds all the trump cards.