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Scania at UITP 2013 in Geneva

Scania offers bus solutions tailored to any type of traffic demand. Scania also provides highly attractive solutions to bus transport developed in close cooperation with the operators.

Rising welfare inevitably brings about an increased need for transportation of goods as well as passengers. Curbing the constant increase in CO2 emissions from the transport sector is a major challenge for the industry as well as for society.

In a 20-year perspective, Scania identifies the need to cope with a couple of societal scenarios that will apply to different extents depending on the location and business climate. In many urbanised regions, sustainability will be the norm for public trans-port, whereas in some regions there will be a continued fight for resources, including energy supply.

Scania will use UITP 2013 in Geneva as an arena for innovative discussions about commercially viable and environmentally suitable public transport solutions that can be implemented without delay.

No magic tricks are available at reasonable cost – but public transport solutions can be found that are effective here and now. Scania’s bus range can be tailored to suit any type of traffic demand.