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Scania at IMDEX 14-16 May

Scania’s global marine engine platform, with the high-output 16-litre V8, the powerful 13-litre and the new 9-litre engines will be showcased at the IMDEX marine defence exhibition in Singapore.

The engines build on a long tradition of amazingly compact power packs that share both technology and architecture with Scania's truck and bus engines. This makes for easy installation and exceptional performance.

Besides the 16-litre V8 and the 13-litre inline six-cylinder, Scania’s marine engine range now also comprises a range of 9-litre inline five-cylinder units. Intended for propulsion and auxiliary use, the engines are all based on Scania's new state-of-the-art modular engine platform, which is used for marine, industrial, power generation, truck and bus applications worldwide.