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Pressroom: Scania at Eurosatory 2012

Scania will participate in EuroSatory, an international exhibition dedicated to land security and defence where Scania will showcase applications for peacekeeping and defence.

Scania has a long history of delivering engines and vehicles for peacekeeping and defence applications on the basis of regular components and systems, i.e. COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) products. The modular product system used for civilian purposes enables solutions to be tailored precisely to individual tasks. This modularity significantly reduces the number of different parts used, which in turn simplifies parts supply and servicing, as well as staff training. A uniformly high service level is available throughout the Scania sales and service organisation.

Scania products are renowned for durability, exceptional service life and engine power. With this and a global sales and service network, Scania has all the prerequisites for ensuring performance and operational security:

“Scania's strong international presence paves the way for activities in all market segments,” says Henrik Henriksson, Senior Vice President Trucks at Scania.

“Increasingly, Scania is delivering complete solutions via its network, for example complete vehicles, including bodywork and service support. This drastically cuts lead times and provides one-stop shopping for operators and defence organisations.

“With a competitive product, a flexible organisation and comprehensive support, Scania continues to build its strong brand,” concludes Mr Henriksson.

Maximum uptime

To maximise uptime and performance, Scania always offers parts and service as part of a deal. Scania's modular component system, implemented over the past 60 years, is continually being refined. This strongly supports customer uptime, facilitates parts supply, workshop operations and training of service technicians. The modular component interfaces also makes building highly specialised vehicles perfectly straightforward.

Ease-of-driving and driver appeal are ensured by responsive handling, high-torque engines and a carefully designed driver environment, providing the comfort and convenience needed to enable drivers to do a good job and still have energy for other missions.

Long-standing experience

Scania’s long experience of peacekeeping and defence applications goes back to the early years of the 1900s. Some products have been specially designed for defence applications, but now the start is a civil standard product that is modified to suit special types of operation.

Using Scania’s flexible modular product system, modifications are kept to a minimum. Special adaptations are made for example to provide ballistic and IED protection on truck cabs, as well as integrated anti-mine protection.

In terms of trucks, Scania focuses on the heavy-duty end of the market, including numerous multi-wheeler configurations that can be built in the regular production flow (4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4, 8x6, 8x8, etc.). Based on these configurations, Scania can supply complete vehicles, including bodywork, for example hooklifts, tank transporters, tippers, recovery vehicles, fire engines, etc.

Scania also sells its compact and powerful engines for power packs (engine and transmission) for installation in special-purpose vehicles and for electricity generation. Besides having an outstanding service life, Scania’s engines are renowned for being easy to service thanks to a clean and tidy layout and separate cylinder heads. Installation is facilitated by an in-house developed, easily programmable engine management system that permits adaptation to different types of applications.

Vehicle sales in recent years include sales to Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Australia.

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