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Pressroom: New off-road trucks

The most extreme conditions require the toughest equipment. Scania’s new Off-road trucks are loaded with sturdy features that allow them to take on the most forbidding environments on the planet. During 2012, Scania’s new global engine range will be introduced for all emission levels.

The new frontal styling is utterly functional, encompassing robust solutions to protect vulnerable components. This reduces repair costs and avoids non-profitable downtime.

The first introduction comprises new Off-road trucks based on the spacious G-series.  A full range of P-series models will follow at a later stage.

The new trucks benefit from all improvements, new features and functions introduced on Scania trucks, such as Scania Opticruise with off-road mode, new traction control features and the new Scania Retarder with enhanced low-speed performance – as well as all new developments on the chassis side.

Scania today offers the widest range of heavy-duty trucks in the market. From 2012 they will all be powered by a global range of engines that will be used worldwide for all emission standards – Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5, EEV and Euro 6.

European markets also have access to an extended range of Euro 5 and EEV engines with SCR technology. The engines can operate on up to 100% biodiesel.