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Pressroom: Scania heavy-haulage tractor

Scania strives to find the best possible solution for each customer application, including services to support any deal. Living proof of this devotion are the innovative solutions on the Scania R 730 8x8 heavy-haulage tractor exhibited at Transport 2011 in Lillestrøm, Norway, tailored to provide high safety and mobility in specialised peace-keeping missions.

Powered by the 730 hp Scania V8, the vehicle has been purpose-built for heavy-haulage peace-keeping duties. It is an 8x8 tractor equipped with a high-mounted Scania CrewCab with space for two drivers and seating or resting facilities for an additional 4-6 persons. Comfort and convenience have had high priority since the crew needs to be able to arrive rested to a new destination. The fitting of ballistic protection has been foreseen in the design.