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Pressroom: Limited edition V8 series

For lovers of the Scania V8, irrespective of power rating, Scania is producing a series of very special V8-powered tractor units. The unique styling and added features have been developed in close collaboration with Svempas, the world-renowned Swedish truck customiser. The production run is limited to 100 units and sales are aimed at all typical Scania V8 markets worldwide.

Dark Diamond is a true eye-catcher with special detailing all over the vehicle, including the interior.

“Our V8 customers often customise their trucks out of sheer enthusiasm and joy,” says Joel Granath, director of the long-haulage segment at Scania. “Dark Diamond will appeal to these as well as other customers in search of a prestigious vehicle that builds image. What they get is an exceptional truck with long-lasting performance and durability.

“With the Dark Diamond we are starting a tradition of factory-supported limited edition vehicles,” concludes Mr Granath.

The Dark Diamond is based on the new Scania R-series and is available with Highline or Topline cabs, fitted with a powerful V8 engine, specified for either Euro 4 or Euro 5.

The paintwork – in metallic Carbon Blue – is complemented with detailing in chrome and high-gloss Piano Black finish, as well as unique graphic accents.

The interior is meticulously detailed with fine materials, additional creature comfort features and thoughtful touches. Numerous Scania V8 and Griffin symbols will please the enthusiasts.

Each of the vehicles in this limited series of 100 units is individually numbered and signed by Sven-Erik “Svempa” Bergendahl himself.

For further information, please contact:

- Joel Granath, Director Long-haulage,

  tel. +46 8 553 820 37, e-mail

- Per-Erik Nordström, Product Affairs,

  tel. +46 8 553 855 77, e-mail