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Scania, one of the sponsors of EUROCITIES 2009 Stockholm, is taking the opportunity to show examples of flexible and cost-efficient bus transport, low-polluting hybrid distribution trucks and waste management solutions.

The participants are also invited to try-out Scania’s vehicles for sustainable urban transport operations including the electric hybrid ethanol buses.

Sustainable growth

During the conference political leaders and experts discuss how to combine economic growth and effective measures against climate change. The overall aim is to present ways in which sustainable solutions can serve as engines for economic growth for all components of society.

Scania on low carbon transport systems

One of the topics discussed is sustainable transport systems for cities. During a so called deep dive, the participants can take part of Scania’s ideas on a rapid transition to a low carbon urban transport system and thereby creating sustainable mobility for people and goods while the Mayor of Södertälje talks on how the city of Södertälje is working to build a sustainable transport system of the future.

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