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New Scania Touring Pressroom

The new Scania Touring coach range reinforces Scania’s product offer for occasional operation. In addition, the new fully-automated Scania Opticruise is adapted also for bus and coach operation.

With the new Scania Touring, Scania strengthens its range of 2- and 3-axle coaches, which is available in a wide variety of configurations and equipment levels. The addition of the new coach means that customers can choose according to their own preferences and to local conditions in any market.

Scania Touring is built in partnership with the Chinese bus bodybuilder Higer, which possesses the know-how, quality and capacity required to match Scania's bus and coach global expansion strategy. Parts and service support will be secured via Scania’s regular sales and service network.

Automatic gearchanging for a more relaxed ride

After almost 15 years of successful operation in trucks, buses and coaches all over the globe, a new fully automated version of Scania Opticruise is launched. An innovative electro-hydraulically operated clutch offers exceptional smoothness and precision in manoeuvring. Scania Opticruise can be specified with overdrive for long-legged cruising at low revs and with maximum fuel economy.

Improved fuel efficiency with innovative hybrid concept

Scania is starting extensive operational trials of a unique hybrid-electric powertrain designed to improve fuel economy and emissions by at least 25 percent.

Fuelled by ethanol, the hybrid-electric powertrain reduces fossil CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by up to 90 percent compared to diesel.

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