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Scania P-series available with bigger engines – P 360 and P 400 Euro 5 added to range

Together, Scania’s P-series and the new high-torque 13-litre EGR engines open new potential to specify compact, powerful trucks that are highly competitive in terms of weight. EGR technology combines excellent fuel economy with the convenience of not requiring additives, leaving space on the chassis for extra fuel or other equipment. The broad P-series cab range enables space to be optimised for a multitude of applications.

Scania has now developed the installation of the new 13-litre Euro 5 EGR engines in the P-series. Torque outputs of up to 2100 Nm are available without any restrictions, providing exceptional driveability for this class.

230 hp 1050 Nm Euro 5 and EEV 9-litre EGR

270 hp 1200 Nm ethanol EEV 9-litre EGR

280 hp 1400 Nm Euro 5 and EEV 9-litre EGR

320 hp 1600 Nm Euro 5 and EEV 9-litre EGR

360 hp 1850 Nm Euro 5 13-litre EGR

380 hp 1900 Nm Euro 5 12-litre SCR

400 hp 2100 Nm Euro 5 13-litre EGR

420 hp 2100 Nm Euro 5 and EEV 12-litre SCR

The Scania P-series offers one of the broadest cab ranges in the market. The range includes short cabs, day cabs and sleeper cabs, as well as low-entry and crew cabs.

These cabs can be combined with innumerable chassis options and wheel configurations, including four frame strengths and four chassis heights. Examples of P 360 and P 400 applications:

• 6100 kg fuel tractor

• Light 8 cu m 8x4 mixer turns the scales at 13400 kg

• 8x4 tipper with 20-tonne payload

• 2.7 m high car transporter

• Fast and compact emergency vehicle

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