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Scania starts cooperation with Kohler Power Systems - corrected version

Scania’s 12- and 16-litre marine engines will be used in Kohler’s high-output marine generators.

“Scania is looking forward to a long-term relationship with Kohler Power Systems. This cooperation is yet another proof that Scania’s engines fulfil the performance and reliability requirements for engines in marine genset applications. It also constitutes a major step for Scania into the North American market,” says Mikael Lindner, Sales Director for the marine segment, Scania Engines.

Kohler, a major global actor, has been manufacturing marine generators for the pleasure craft, mega yacht, sports fishing as well as commercial marine markets for nearly 90 years and has expanded its service and support network to more than 600 locations worldwide.

Kohler Power Systems recently launched a new line of diesel-powered marine generators at the International workboat show in New Orleans. Kohler is expanding its product range to include 350 and 500 kW generators. Both will be powered by Scania engines. Kohler’s marine generators are designated EOZC (60 Hz) and EFOZC (50 Hz). At the exhibition Kohler displayed the Scania 12-litre engine in its 350 kW marine genset and Scania exhibited its range of marine engines.

For further information, please contact:

- Mikael Lindner, Sales Director, Scania Engines, phone +46 8 553 50869

- Per Backteman, President, Scania USA Inc, phone +1 210 403 0007

- Kristina Axelson, Communications, Scania Engines, phone +46 8 553 81360.