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Scania receives large truck order in Brazil

Scania is delivering 260 tipper trucks to the Brazilian company Odebrecht. The delivery includes driver training and on-board transport planning computers. It is the largest single truck order in the 51-year history of Scania Brasil.

Odebrecht is Latin America’s largest engineering and construction company.

“This is a very important transaction, not only because it includes many trucks but because it also confirms and strengthens Scania’s position in the construction segment. According to Odebrecht, our trucks meet all their requirements and provide the best overall operating economy,” says Robert Leoncini, Scania Brasil’s sales manager.

Delivery of the trucks has begun and will continue until the end of the year.

All the vehicles are Scania P 420 model three-axle trucks with 420 hp engines. All trucks will be supplied with on-board computers for real-time vehicle monitoring and transport planning. One hundred of the trucks will be equipped with the computer-aided Scania Opticruise gearchanging system. Odebrecht’s choice of Scania Opticruise is based on the company’s own tests, which confirmed the benefits of the system in terms of driveability and efficiency.

Scania will train drivers on the spot at the construction sites where the trucks go into service. The training course will include economical and safe driving techniques that will help reduce both fuel consumption and vehicle wear.

Scania delivers driver training in nearly 40 countries worldwide. Driver training is an investment with a very short repayment period, since drivers can improve fuel economy by an average of about 10 per cent by changing their driving behaviour.

Brazil is the hub of Scania’s Latin American operations, with more than 3,000 employees and with production and central marketing units in São Paulo. Since establishing its Brazilian operations in 1957, Scania has manufactured more than 240,000 vehicles in the country, 200,000 of them trucks. About 40 percent of the heavy trucks on Brazilian roads today carry the Scania brand.

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