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Scania’s Board of Directors proposes that SEK 12.50 per share be distributed to the shareholders

Scania’s Board of Directors proposes to the AGM that SEK 12.50 per share be distributed to the shareholders by means of an increased regular cash dividend of SEK 5 per share and a 2 to 1 share split with mandatory redemption of one share at a price of SEK 7.50 per share. Altogether, the proposal means that SEK 10 billion is distributed to the shareholders.

Scania´s robust earnings and cash flow during 2007 resulted in a strong financial position for the company. In order to have an efficient capital structure, Scania’s Board of Directors proposes:

1. a 33 percent increase in the regular dividend to SEK 5 per share, which is equivalent to 47 per cent of the net income per share, plus

2. a mandatory redemption of SEK 6 billion, which is equivalent to SEK 7.50 per share.

Altogether, the proposal means that Scania will distribute SEK 12.50 per share to the shareholders, in aggregate SEK 10 billion.

The Board of Directors proposes that each Scania share (both A and B shares) is split into one ordinary share and one redemption share. The redemption share will be traded on the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm for about two weeks around late May and early June. After that, it will automatically be redeemed at SEK 7.50 per share in cash. No action will be required from the shareholders to receive the redemption amount.

The redemption will reduce Scania’s share capital by SEK 1,000 million through the withdrawal of 400 million Series A redemption shares and 400 million Series B redemption shares.

In order to make a quick procedure possible, the Board proposes that the company’s share capital be restored through a bonus issue of SEK 1,000 million. This amount will be transferred to share capital from unrestricted equity. No new shares will be issued in connection with the bonus issue.

After the redemption has been carried out, each shareholder will have an unchanged number of Scania shares of the same series as before the redemption.

The Board proposes the 8 May 2008 as the record date at the Swedish Central Securities Depository and Clearing organisation VPC for the right to receive the regular dividend. The last day of trading in Scania shares including right to regular dividend is on 5 May. The dividend is expected to be distributed on 13 May.

According to a preliminary time table, the proposed record date for the split and for the entitlement to redemption shares is 20 May 2008. The last day of trading including entitlement to redemption shares is 15 May. The payment of the redemption amount is expected to be made around 12 June 2008.

A complete proposal will be presented in the official notification of Scania’s 2008 Annual General Meeting (AGM). Both the regular dividend and the redemption procedure are conditional upon the approval of the AGM on 5 May 2008.

An information brochure containing more detailed information about Scania’s redemption will be available on the company’s website,, and will be distributed to the shareholders in April.

If you have questions, please contact:

Stina Thorman, Investor Relations tel +46 8 553 837 16 mob +46 70 518 3716

Hans-Åke Danielsson, Corporate Communications, tel +46 8 553 856 62