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Scania Irizar i4 – stylish coach for brain and heart

Jointly with Scania's strategic partner for bodybuilding Irizar, Scania introduces the Scania Irizar i4 on the European market. With models suitable for occasional or regular service, the i4 broadens the choice in both the intercity and coach segments. The Scania Irizar i4 will be sold and serviced via Scania's network, providing customers with full support covering service, maintenance and parts supply.

Scania's offer in the intercity and at the low end of the coach segment has so far included the Scania Irizar InterCentury and the Scania OmniLine. With the recent introduction of the Scania OmniExpress and the new Scania Irizar i4, Scania radically extends its offer in this highly competitive segment. Scania has the exclusive marketing right for Irizar products in Europe outside Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

The i4 continues the unique and trendsetting styling theme from Scania Irizar, making sure it will hardly pass unnoticed in any environment. It is also the first coach in this segment to meet the stricter R66-01 regulation for rollover strength expected to come into force within the next few years.

Handling and ergonomics are first-class. This, combined with the response and driveability of the powertrain, makes for a high level of driver appeal.

Available in three floor layouts and two interior trim themes, with two or three axles and a large variety of lengths ranging from 11 to 15 m, the Scania Irizar i4 is exceptionally flexible. It can be tailored to many types of occasional or regular operation and the specification can even be optimised for both purposes, e.g. to work as regular service bus during the weeks and then serve as occasional service coach during weekends.

The version for regular service is available with 270-340 hp engines. Suitable for regular suburban and short-distance intercity operation, the aisle, at 860 mm, is countersunk throughout the length of the bus. A single door is fitted at the front and, to speed up passenger flow, a wide door with possibility for wheelchair access in the middle. Air conditioning is standard.

The version for occasional service has a higher floor level throughout the passenger area, either flat or with an aisle, allowing more generous luggage facilities for use during weekends. One single door is fitted at the front and one in the middle, with the option of a wider middle door for wheelchair access. Front suspension is independent for added comfort and air conditioning is standard. Engine outputs range between 310 and 380 hp.

All engines have Scania EGR, exhaust gas recirculation, for maximum convenience, requiring no additives and no extra tanks on-board. Typical Scania strengths are fuel economy and driveability with generous torque from low engine revs.

Several gearbox options are available. Standard is a manual gearbox with electronic shifting (Scania Comfort Shift). Options include a manual gearbox with automated gearchanging (Scania Opticruise) or fully automatic ZF gearboxes. All gearboxes are equipped with retarders.

The Scania Irizar i4 is part of Scania's complete vehicle offer. Customers can rely on Scania to supply a full range of buses and coaches, as well as full service support covering service, maintenance and parts supply – i.e. one-stop-shopping.

For further information, please contact:

- Gunnar Boman, Corporate Relations, tel. +46 70 5508606

- Anders Dewoon, Sales Director Scania Irizar, tel. +46 70 538 21 03