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Scania’s fleet management services increase efficiency in networked haulage firms

Scania’s on-board computer has developed into an important tool for keeping track of the logistics flow and work-times at Dutch transporters Vortex and Intrapex. When the two companies decided to join forces operationally, their entire fleet of 85 trucks was equipped with the Scania Interactor 300.

It was in the middle of 2006 that Vortex and Intrapex decided to work together in an operational alliance. The companies, both of whom include the automobile industry among their clients, see considerable synergy benefits from the merger.

“In certain areas, we have already succeeded in reducing costs by up to 30 percent. By equipping the entire fleet with Scania’s on-board computer system, we expect to gain an even more efficient and effective planning process and better communication with our vehicles. We’re lowering our own costs and raising the quality of our services,” say Pjeer Brokamp and Henny Vollenberg, managing directors of Vortex and Intrapex.

“Our choice of in-vehicle computer is not only based on the fact that Scania Fleet Management is able to deliver what it promises, but also on the fact that Scania has an excellent service network,” say the two owners.

Via Scania Interactor 300, the data in the transport planning system is automatically transmitted to the trucks at the same time as the vehicles’ position is continuously updated in the system. This is done with the help of two highly effective tools, Scania Order Support and Scania Driver Log.

Scania Order Support is an application that can easily be integrated into most modern transport planning systems. Transport assignments can be sent to the vehicles directly from the customer’s existing transport management system. The order status is updated continuously and is automatically transmitted to the office in real time. This service speeds up invoicing and is an efficient way of handling work-orders.

Scania Driver Log makes it easy for the driver to keep track of activities and work-times, and the precise activity reports are an excellent basis for wages calculations and operational analysis. Customers can choose to integrate Scania Driver Log into their already existing administration systems or to access it via the Scania Fleet Management Internet portal.

The in-vehicle Scania Interactor 300 computer is a tool for the professional user and is suitable for the majority of normal logistics applications. It includes a sturdy computer with a 6.3-inch colour touchscreen fitted on the instrument panel. It can be installed in Scania trucks and in trucks of other makes that meet the FMS standard (standard protocol for fleet management systems agreed upon by the manufacturers).

For more information, please contact Peter Eriksson, Scania Fleet Management, phone (46 (8) 553 83989